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Riverstone Bark Park

Riverstone Bark Park Hours: Dawn to Dusk

Riverstone Bark Park Rules

  1. Keep an eye on your dog at all times.
  2. Please keep your dog on leash until you are inside the park itself.
  3. No more than 2 dogs per person on any one visit.
  4. Only dogs with current tags are allowed in the park.
  5. Male dogs over seven months of age must be neutered.
  6. No dogs in heat, sick dogs or dogs with fleas.
  7. For safety reasons, children must be at least 4 feet tall to use the park (carried babies okay) and must be closely supervised. All children will be expected to behave in an adult manner: no running, no chasing dogs, no petting of others' dogs unless permission is granted by the owners first. No strollers permitted.
  8. Be polite -- Scoop the poop! Bag stations and trash cans are available throughout the park.
  9. The safest collar for your dog to wear in a dog park is a break-away collar. We do not allow dogs in the park to wear shock collars and prong or pinch collars; these are training collars and should not be left on a dog when it plays. We highly discourage the use of choke chain collars, as these can also be dangerous.
  10. If annoying (to the other dog or its owner) or aggressive behavior is observed from your dog, take immediate action. Move your dog to another part of the park, leave the park, or do whatever needed to prevent the behavior (time-out, redirect behavior, etc.).
  11. Rough play can be fine as long as it is consensual. Rough play and chasing is not acceptable if any dogs involved become agitated with the situation. Just because a dog's intent is to play does not make the dog's behavior acceptable or tolerable if the other dog is not enjoying itself.
  12. Digging is not allowed; if your dog digs a hole, do your best to fill it in.
  13. Dogs barking excessively will not be allowed in the park.