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Architectural Review Committee

This Committee is responsible for reviewing modification applications for members of the Association in accordance with the Association’ respective dedicatory instruments. This Committee shall perform other functions as directed by the Board.This Committee will consist of at least 3 members and no more than 5 members. This Committee will meet monthly or on an as needed basis.

The meetings of this Committee will be open to Owners or Members of the Association, and will be closed to Owners or Members due to the nature of discussion involving individual owners.

Currently this Committee is full.

The Hearing Advisory Committee

This Committee will review deed restriction violations and determine if they should be pursued by the Association. 

This Committee has the discretion to determine whether and in what amount fines will be assessed pursuant to the Association’s Enforcement and Fine Policy. This Committee will make recommendations to the Board regarding the deed restriction violations. This Committee will perform other functions as directed by the Board. Hearings for this Committee are not open to other Owners or Members.

Currently this Committee is accepting applications.

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