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Riverstone HOA
Real Estate Seminar

Real Estate Seminar

Date: April 19 | 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

With the current high inflation rate and stock market not performing, EVERYONE is worried about their Stock Investment. Fund values are taking a roller coaster ride every day. Whether it's for retirement, college education or other future plans, having all eggs in one basket is not advisable by any financial advisers. 

By the way Nobody can predict the future and know when this current situation can repeat again in the future. So it's time to change your pattern. 

Do you want to find another avenue to diversify your portfolio? Real Estate is the best investment to edge against Inflation.

Are you interested in Real Estate investing but don't know where to start? 

Do you like the idea of generating passive income while a property is appreciating and want to tap into the opportunity? 

Then this seminar is for you!

Real estate is one of the best and safe ways to invest AND accumulate wealth for retirement, college education and anything else you might want to save for the future. This seminar will cover:

ABCDE of Real Estate Investing

The difference between Real Estate and Stock Market Investing

Passive Vs Active Real Estate Investing

Other types of Real Estate Investing like Commercial, Short Term Rentals etc.

Various Strategies of Residential Rental Investing

How to buy properties at a discount in OFF MARKET?

Whether you want to start investing in Real Estate now, gain insight on opportunities available or diversify your current investment portfolio, this is the seminar for you! Come out and hear a realistic approach to Real Estate investing with real life examples!


Hosted By:

Vijaianand Thirunageswaram (Vijai)

Real Estate Broker, RE Guru & Entrepreneur

Founder & Owner of Om Group - Family of Companies

Breathing & Living Real Estate for the last 17+ years plus helping investors to start their Real Estate Journey every day!!

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