Riverstone FAQs


Thank you for visiting our site – we hope you find what you need and we look forward to having you out to our community. We know that purchasing a home can be a big decision; it’s our goal to help make the process as simple as possible.

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How are sales going in Riverstone?

Sales in the community are great! 2013 has been a third consecutive year of record-breaking sales, with more homes sold in Riverstone than ever before. Riverstone is one of the top three ‘Fastest-Selling Communities in Houston’ according to Metrostudy. Additionally, we are a top 10 community in the nation for sales growth.

How much of Riverstone is developed?

Riverstone is a very large community and it may surprise you to know that only about 50 percent of it is complete. We currently have more than 3,000 homes on the ground today and there are plans for 6,000 upon completion. Our property extends west behind First Colony, close to US-59. To see a community master plan map, click here.

Is it true that some homes are in Sugar Land and some in Missouri City?

Most of Riverstone is located within the county (Fort Bend), meaning that it is not in an incorporated area of Sugar Land or Missouri City. Click the map to see a visual of our boundaries.

We realize it is a little confusing – please know, we didn’t decide to make it this way… it is decided upon by the post office. Note: The areas drawn refer to Riverstone homes only, not other communities bordering us.

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